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Vision, Goal and Guidelines

The following Vision, Goal and Guidelines were adopted by the International Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River Study Board at its meeting in Rochester, NY on January 12, 2005:


To contribute to economic, environmental and social sustainability of the Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River System


To identify flow regulation and criteria that best serve the range of affected interests, are widely accepted by all interests, and address climatic conditions in the basin.


  1. Criteria and Regulation Plans will contribute to the ecological integrity of the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River System ecosystem.
  2. Criteria and Regulation Plans will produce a net benefit to the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River System and its users and will not result in disproportionate loss to any particular interest or geographic area.
  3. Criteria and Regulation Plans will be able to respond to unusual or unexpected conditions affecting the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River System.
  4. Mitigation alternatives may be identified to limit damages when considered to be appropriate.
  5. Regulation of the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River System will be adaptable to the extent possible, to accomodate the potential for changes in water supply as a result of climate change and variability.
  6. Decision-making with respect to the development of the Lake Ontario-St. Lawrence River System Criteria and Plans will be transparent, involving and considering the full range of interests affected by any decisions with broad stakeholder and public input.
  7. Criteria and Regulation Plans will incorporate current knowledge: state-of-the-art technology; and the flexibility to adapt to future advances in knowledge, science, and technology.

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