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International Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence
River Study Board Meeting
24 - 25 September 2003
Montreal, Quebec


Board members in attendance were: Gene Stakhiv; Doug Cuthbert, Dan Barletta, Marcel Lussier, Sandy LeBarron, Frank Sciremammano, Andre Carpentier, Lynn Cleary, Stephen Renzetti, Jim Snyder, Ed Eryuzlu, Tony Eberhardt.

Others In attendance for all or part of the meeting were: Tom Bender, Max Striebel, Elaine Kennedy, Joe Atkinson, Brad Parker, Christiane Hudon, Serge St. Martin, Jon Brown, Jean-Francois Bibeault, John Hall, Stephanie Weiss, Al Will, Paul Yu, Debbie Lee, Yin Fan, Rob Read, Roger Haberly, Anjuna Langevin, Denis Peloquin, Bill Werick, Wendy Leger, Arleen Kreusch, Michelle Tracy, Paul King-Fisher, Ian Gillespie, Roger Gauthier, John Ching, Mark Lorie, Andre Plante, Russ Trowbridge, Commissioner Irene Brooks, Murray Clamen, Tom McAuley.

  1. Review and Approval of Agenda: Agenda was approved with addition of items under Other Issues.

  2. Action Items from Greece and Buffalo meetings
    • Outstanding Issues: Ed and Tony will continue to look for volunteers or request Study team members to address these; the write-ups can be in the form of a synopsis or synthesis reports as being utilized by the RecBoating TWG.
    • Vision, Goals, and Guiding Principles: Board approved with a minor revision. Ed will provide the final to all and the document will be translated and posted on the Study web site. The document will be open to change/improvement as we move along.
    • Performance Indicators: must be provided in some form by all TWG by 31 Dec 2003. Any documents regarding the Criteria will be labeled "suggested" rather than "draft".
    • Regarding work with the Akwesasne Mohawk's, it was decided that a contractor will be hired; Tony will assist Jim Snyder and Ken Jock with the preparation of a draft scope of work, with help from Stephanie Weiss. Ed to cover Canadian tribal issues.

  3. Budget Update
    • Ed and Tony gave updates on current budget, as was approved last March, with commitments and spending to date.
    • The PIAG and TWG Leads were asked to prepare year-4 work plans to discuss at the December board meeting.
    • (Note: the Board budget revisions are summarized under item 8).

  4. TWG Briefings

    1. Water Uses (briefing by Denis Peloquin, Canadian Lead)
      • Polytechnique report to be complete by end of November 2003;
      • Need for integration of U.S. and Canadian reports;
      • PIs will be available by the end of 2003;
      • Need to monitor work regarding impact of high water on groundwater-infiltration into sanitary & storm sewers (being done by PMCL - Phase IV);

    2. Commercial Navigation (briefing by Anjuna Langevin, Canadian Lead)
      • By 31 December 2003, sub-model A will be complete;
      • Data for Impact Model should also be complete by end December;
      • PIs will be available by the end of 2003;
      • Contract awarded in September for Impact Evaluation Model ($312K); request Canadian budget for current year to be revised to $346K; (Board agreed)

    3. Rec. Boating (Serge St. Martin - Jon Brown, Canadian and US Leads)
      • Canadian PIs will not be ready by end of 2003, but information will be provided for SVM
      • Additional $20K Cdn required to collect data on anglers and small boaters (Board agreed); Board does not agree to contracting with same Canadian consultant unless all pending work is completed satisfactorily;
      • Board agreed to additional $20K U.S. to have U.S. contractor do integration and develop combined US/Canadian stage-damage curves;

    4. Hydro (John Ching)
      • The TWG must meet with PFEG prior to the PFEG meeting in October;
      • Need to provide economic functions to PFEG for SVM;
      • Board did not approve any funding for this group;
      • Translation that may be needed will not be done by the TWG;

    5. Coastal (briefing by Tom Bender, US Lead)
      • 10 PI available and will be included in SVM;
      • Data release will take into account privacy and proprietary issues;
      • For release purposes, all data will be aggregated (for instance rather than individual parcel-data) before they are provided to the public requesting the data.

    6. Environment (briefing: Brad Parker and Joe Atkinson - group Leads)
      • On budget, with all technical reports due by March 2004 including review by outside panel;
      • Integrated Environmental Response Model (IERM) being developed by LTI will be available by January 2004, populated with real data, and completed by March 2004. The IERM will run concurrently with the SVM - directly linked;
      • The group requested to renew the LTI contract with U.S. funds in year 4 and include funds for travel to PFEG meeting. Proposal to be provided at December Board meeting;
      • Board agreed to reimburse Joe DePinto of LTI for travel expenses (~$6K U.S.) incurred in year 3 beyond contract amount.

    7. H & H (Briefing by Yin Fan)
      • Group is providing data to PFEG

    8. IM
      • IM is concentrating on reports management;
      • Board and IJC need to decide by September 2004 on long-term maintenance issues of data and reports after Study completion;

  5. Shared Vision Model workshop (conducted by Bill Werick and Wendy Leger - PFEG Leads); (PFEG is providing separate summary of the workshop).

  6. Briefing by Frank Lupi
    • The Board did not accept the proposal, as presented (with two components costing ~ US$500,000);
    • Board charged PFEG to include in their work plan a revised proposal covering the second component of Dr. Lupi's proposal and to submit it for Board consideration at the December meeting.

  7. Briefing by A. Plante (granularity)
    • The Board approved $25K Cdn for the refinement of the Lower St. Lawrence River granularity, to complement the SVM.
    • The Board will decide at the December meeting if additional funding can be provided (estimate provided by Andre was 1 man-year of effort per year, approximately $50K).

  8. Budget Revisions
  9. The table below shows the budget revisions approved by the Board.

    Year-3 Budget as of 25 September 2003
    ($'s shown in the currency of each country)
    Lead Group / Organization Canadian Budget U.S. Budget Remarks
    IJC 200,000 106,720  
    Study Board - General 385,000 180,000 Canadian budget increased by $45K to allow for office relocation and other items; alternative funding sources to be discussed with IJC.
    PIAG 150,000 175,000 US: increased with funding not used by Coastal and Comm. Nav. TWGs
    TWG - Environment 1,300,000 707,280 US: includes funds for Akwesasne Marsh Study
    TWG - Coastal Processes 1,246,000 490,000 Cdn: to allow for transfer to U.S. ongoing work by Baird and Asso. (US$346K) in U.S. Year 4
    TWG - Recreational Boating 70,000 219,000 Cdn: $20K in addition to currently committed $50K for more sampling of boaters.
    TWG - Hydrologic & Hydraulic 360,000 81,471 Cdn: About $200K work by Hydro Quebec - contract to come
    TWG - Commercial Navigation 346,000 53,000 Cdn: Based on new contract value
    TWG - Water Uses 75,000 50,498 Cdn: finalize PI's; US: Increased by $20,498 to investigate additional factors.
    TWG - Hydroelectric Power 0 0  
    TWG - IM (Common Data) 175,000 97,000  
    Plan Formulation & Evaluation 280,000 215,000  
    TOTAL (see footnote below) 4,387,000 2,374,969 Cdn: Budget over committed by $87,000U.S: Less than budgeted (March 2003) since all transfers from Canada were not req'd. in Year 3.

    (Note: Total available to the Canadian Section: $4,500K; total available to the US Section: $2,380K, including US$100K transfer from Canadian Section in support of Coastal work - figures in currencies of the respective countries)

  10. Semi-Annual Progress Report
    • Comments should be provided to Ed no later than September 29th; the report will be finalized and submitted to IJC as soon as possible.

  11. Next Meetings
    • October 15-16: Environmental TWG in Cornwall, Ont.
    • October 21: IJC Semi-annual Hearings - attendance by Gene, Doug, Ed and Tony required; other Board members are welcome.
    • Oct 28/29 PFEG in Buffalo, NY
    • November 19: Rec. Boating TWG in Niagara Falls, Ont.
    • December 1: PIAG in Cornwall, Ont.
    • December 2-3: Study Board meeting (focus on TWG report-requirements, environmental valuation, and work plans for year-4), at Akwesasne;
    • December 8-9: IJC Executive Session in Washington, DC; briefing of the Commissioners on process - attendance by Gene, Doug, Ed and Tony required.
    • January 27/28: Study Board meeting, in Buffalo, NY (focus will be on finalizing y-4 work plans and budget)
    • March 12-13: PFEG workshop in Toronto, Ont.
    • Week of April 19th: IJC Semi-annual Hearings - attendance by Gene, Doug, Ed and Tony required, other Board members are welcome.

  12. Other Issues
    • The outreach strategy outlined at the August 28, 2003 meeting by the Outreach Committee and tabled by the PIAG was approved;
    • For any TWG meeting with local groups, the TWG member invited to make a presentation should contact PIAG in advance and at least the PIAG Liaison member should try to attend;
    • J-F Bibeault will be asked to advise the Board of the nature of his presentations and any issues raised during the meetings he will be sponsoring for Environment Canada and the St. Lawrence ZIP committees in October 2003.
    • Andre Carpentier and Frank Sciremammano briefed the Board on current Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River conditions and the Control Board's strategy.
    • Control Board Action/Information: Tony and Ed will request the document on Control Board communication strategy and provide electronic copy to the Board and PIAG.

Submitted by Ed Eryuzlu and Tony Eberhardt
October 6, 2003


International Lake Ontario - St. Lawrence River Study Board
Meeting in Montreal
24 - 25 September 2003


(Note: There will be a brief tour/presentation of the Biosphere by Lynn Cleary the morning of September 24 from 8:00 to 8:30. The meeting will start immediately after that, at 8:30.)

Wednesday, 24 September

  1. Review and Approval of the Agenda (Board)

  2. Action Items from Greece and Buffalo meetings

  3. Budget Update (Ed & Tony)

  4. TWG briefings of the Board (TWGs)
    (Max of 20 minutes each, specifically addressing performance indicators and the urgency that they be available by December 2003 for incorporation in the SVM)

  5. Noon break

  6. Shared Vision Model workshop (Wendy & Bill)

Thursday September 25
(Note: Meeting location is shifted to: Montreal Hilton and begins at 8:00)

  1. Shared Vision Model workshop (Continued) (Wendy & Bill)

  2. Noon break

  3. Briefing by Frank Lupi on proposed study

  4. Briefing by A. Plante (granularity)

  5. Budget Decisions (Board)

  6. Review of draft Semi-annual Progress Report (Ed & Tony)

  7. Next meeting(s)

  8. Other Issues

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