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International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Study Board Rochester, New York, January 25, 2005
Break-out Session during the PFEG Workshop
on January 27, 2005


Board members present were:
Doug Cuthbert, Gene Stakhiv, Pete Loucks, Dan Barletta, Elaine Kennedy, Frank Quinn, Sandy LeBarron, Ian Crawford, Frank Sciremammano, Andre Carpentier, Lynn Cleary, Steven Renzetti and Henry Lickers.

Also present for all or part of the meeting were:
Ed Eryuzlu, Tony Eberhardt, Russ Trowbridge, Tom McAuley, Arleen Kreusch, Greg McGillis, Bill Werick, Wendy Leger, David Fay, Max Streibel, Connie Hamilton, Roger Gauthier, Denis Peloquin, Jeff Watson, Joe Atkinson, Serge St. Martin, Jon Brown, Roger Haberly, Luc Lefebvre, Tom Bender, Ralph Moulton, and John Osinski.

January 25, 2005

1. Review and Accept Agenda.
The agenda was approved as provided

2. Actions Arising from Oct. 19-20 Board Meeting.
Ed reviewed the meeting notes and the following items were noted:

  • Paul King-Fisher let a contract to Synapse Energy Economics, Inc. to evaluate price forecasts for St. Lawrence hydroelectric generation.

  • TWG plaques – certificates of appreciation were made.

  • The Board did hold conference calls (5 in total) addressing outstanding issues.

  • A joint meeting was held with the St. Lawrence River Board of Control on November 30 – December 1, 2004 to discuss institutional issues affecting both Boards in Amherst, New York. Follow-up items include:
    • Identification of the tools that may be available in the day-to-day, week-to-week operations,
    • Discussions regarding how the new knowledge will be used,
    • Additional joint meetings.

  • The plans for the 3-day March meetings were to be revisited latter in the day.

  • There were in total 4 meetings held (mini-interest groups; Circle-C) to date; one last such meeting is scheduled to be held with the Akwesasne.

3. Update Items.

  • Institutional Workshop Report.  The report has been finalized and forwarded to the IJC for future discussions. A request was made to the Commission to discuss the report during the April 2005 appearance in Washington.

  • Independent Review. It was reported that the IJC has agreed that a limited independent review will take place. The Commission’s Science Advisory Board will make recommendations on who could be members of the review panel. The review will be discussed at February 2005 Executive Meeting in Ottawa. Once implemented, the review will be complete by early July 2005. The topics to be reviewed (with point-of-contact indicated) will be:
    • The Integrated Ecological Response Model (IERM) – Joe DePinto
    • The Flood and Erosion Prediction System (FEPS) – Pete Zuzek
    • The Shared Vision Model (SVM) – Bill Werick
    • Procedures to evaluate endangered species – John Farrell
    • Procedures to evaluate wetlands – Doug Wilcox

    Review panels will consist of 3 experts (one from the U.S. and two from Canada – English and French) per topic.

  • Study Guidelines. The Board approved the revised Vision, Goal and Guidelines for posting on the Study website.

  • Status of TWG Deliverables.
    • M and I
      • Input to the SVM is about 95% complete.
      • The final integrated report has been submitted.
      • Bill Werick will check with Eva Optiz and Annie Carriere to make sure all issues are covered.

    • Rec. Boating.
      • Input to the SVM is about 94% complete.
      • The TWG final report is being finalized.
      • The Economic Advisory Committee has some concern that values are somewhat overstated, but PFEG feels that the SVM results should not be affected.
      • A mini-conference similar to the one by the Coastal TWG in Greece may be requested.

    • Hydro.
      • Input is 96% complete.
      • Synapse results will be incorporated in the SVM.

    • Com. Navigation.
      • Input is 80% complete.
      • Consideration of stochastic supplies will be complete by March 2005.
      • The report from the contractor has been provided to the TWG but is not yet available.

    • Coastal.
      • Recent discovery of model errors regarding the input of parcel data has resulted in an underestimate of flooding results.
      • Input to the SVM being 75%. Corrections are in process and model runs will be revised.
      • Dr. Bill Kamphis of Queens University has reviewed the FEPS results.

    • Environmental.
      • Input is 70% complete.
      • Fish model studies are being completed. There are 31 key performance indicators reduced from more than 600.

    • IM.
      • The group work is 40% complete.

  • Overview of Board Conference Calls.  Wendy Leger will complete minutes of all calls and these will be posted on the Study website.

  • PFEG Circle of Influence Meetings.
    • Meetings were held in four locations (Montreal, Syracuse, Brockville and Burlington).
    • One more meeting will be held on February 24 at Akwesasne.
    • A summit is also proposed for early April with key participants from each of the previous meetings.

4. Study Schedule.

  • Jan 26-27 Workshop – Due to the errors found in the FEPS model, the workshop concentrated on the decision-making process rather than model results, which would need to be revised. Minutes of the workshop will be provided separately by PFEG.

  • March 22-24 Workshop/ Board Meeting – Since results have to be revised, the meeting planned by PFEG to formulate plans will be postponed. It was decided the following will take place:
    • Feb. 28 – March 4 PFEG Workshop in Burlington, Ontario – A week-long meeting will be held with PFEG to formulate new plan options and revise existing models.
    • March 23-24 Workshop in Montreal – At the workshop, plan options will be presented by PFEG. The Board, PFEG and TWG "experts" will attend. The format of the workshop will be 2 hours of presentations and 14 hours of deliberations.
    • April 6-7 Workshop/ April 8 Board Meeting in Toronto - Based on comments by the Board on the plan options at the Montreal Workshop, revisions will be made and provided at the Toronto Workshop. These plans will be discussed with the Commission the following week in Washington. The Board and PFEG will attend the workshop. PIAG will be invited to the April 8th Board Meeting.

  • Elected Officials Briefings.
    • The briefings will take place between May 15 and June 30, 2005.
    • Frank Sciremammano volunteered to brief and help coordinate federal and state agencies.
    • Denis Peloquin will help coordinate and brief municipalities in Quebec as he had done previously.
    • Jim Snyder and Henry Lickers will attend and brief Council Meetings.
    • Others who wish to volunteer should contact Ed or Tony.
    • Agency briefings will also include discussions about monitoring.
    • Tony and Ed will draft a letter to agencies pointing out findings and describing opportunities for cooperation.
    • Greg and Arleen will develop an outline for the briefings and will keep a record filling in voids. They will revise the matrix showing proposed briefing schedule.
    • IJC staff will perform Washington and Ottawa briefings and the Board will perform State and Provincial briefings with participation by members of PIAG and TWG representatives in the area.

  • Future Meetings with the Control Board.
    • The Control Board 5-City Public Meeting is scheduled for March 29th.
    • The Control Board’s annual public meeting is scheduled for May 4th in Belleville, Ontario.
    • A possible joint meeting with the two Boards could be held around the time of the IJC hearings in Washington in April, but nothing is proposed at this time.

  • June/ July Public Meetings.
    • In preparation for the Summer Public Meetings, a Communication Committee Meeting will be held in Buffalo on May 4-5, 2005.
    • The Akwesasne meeting will be moved to June 30th.
    • The Board and PFEG will prepare the presentation, which will be given by a Board member. PIAG will critique the presentation. Leads for the presentation will be Gene, Doug, Sandy and Pete.
    • Greg will put the contextual narratives and PI on the website prior to the public meetings, along with the revised "Vision, Goal and Guidelines".

  • Agency Briefings.
    Covered previously under "Elected Officials Briefings".

  • Conference Presentations.
    • Members of the Study Board and of the Environmental TWG will participate at the IAGLR Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan on May 24th at their own expense.
    • Members of the Study Board will participate at the IJC Biennial Conference in Kingston, Ontario on June 10th.
    • Members of the Study Board will participate at the Great Lakes Mayor Conference in Quebec City in May 2005.

  • Transition Items.
    A paper had been prepared by Doug Cuthbert and Bob Metcalfe and provide to members of both Boards. The topic was not discussed at the meeting.

5. Decision Items.

  • Budget Items.
    • Year 4 Cdn Budget Status and Adjustments.
      Ed reported that the shortfall identified previously has been eliminated and the estimated amount, which remains uncommitted, is $11,400.
    • Year 5 U.S. Budget Status.
      The Board approved $82,000 for TWG activities. Although this amount is committed, individual amounts may be reduced based on TWG requests and actual activities. The PIAG and PFEG budgets are $210,000 and $400,000, respectively. The revised Year 5 budget is included as attachment 2.
    • Year 5 Cdn Budget Status.
      The Board approved the Year 5 proposed budget, with revisions /amendments as shown on attachment 3, including corresponding comments.

  • Final Report Outline.
    • The outline was considered a good starting point, but it will be discussed further, perhaps by conference call.
    • Tony and Doug will begin writing some sections so that translation of parts can begin.
    • A request for input from each TWG will be made.

6. Other Business.

  • The Economic Advisory Committee Report.
    Several points were raised regarding such items as; discount values, adaptive behavior, average annual damages and IMPLAN. Since the Study Board had just recently received the report, many had not yet read it. Discussion of the report was deferred.

January 25, 2005

During the PFEG Workshop, the Study Board identified several issues requiring clarification so that they could make clearer decisions regarding the plan options that will be presented. The Board decided to hold a series of conference calls and assigned "captains" to introduce topics during each call. Prior to the call, the captain will contact individuals who will provide input to the topic. Essentially they will be asking "What is it you have, what is missing and when will it be available?" These individuals may be asked to also participate during a call. Tony and Ed will provide summary notes of the calls. All calls will be from 3 to 5 pm. The following dates, topics and captains were set:

  • Thursday, Feb. 10th
    • Draft PFEG agenda for the Montreal Workshop, FEPS and Coastal Issues
    • Steven Renzetti and Frank Sciremammano

  • Thursday, Feb. 17th
    • Hydro and Commercial Navigation Issues
    • Ian Crawford and Gene Stakhiv

  • Wednesday, Feb. 23rd
    • Rec. Boating Issues and the "Guidelines"
    • Ian Crawford and Wendy Leger

  • Thursday, March 3rd
    • Environmental Issues and the 14 Issues raised during the PFEG Open Space Workshop – January 26th & 27th in Rochester
    • Sandy LeBarron and Dan Barletta

  • Thursday, March 10th
    • Plan Formulation and Social Issues
    • Bill Werick and Lynn Cleary

Finalized by Tony Eberhardt and Ed Eryuzlu
February 14, 2005

Attachment 1


Jan 25, 2005 Study Board meeting
Rochester, NY
9:00 am to 4:30 pm

1. Review & Accept agenda Gene
2. Actions Arising from Oct. 19-20 Board Meeting Ed
3. Update Items
Institutional Workshop report Tony/Doug
Independent Review Gene/Russ/Tom
Study Guidelines Wendy
Status of TWG deliverables Bill/TWGs
Overview of SB conference calls of Nov 18 through Jan 13 and closure on any follow-up, i.e.,ETWG priorization of PIs Wendy
PFEG circle of influence meetings Wendy/Bill
4. Study Schedule
Schedule of Study Activities & meetings through Dec 2005 Ed
Plans for
Jan 26-27 Workshop (last minute expectations) Wendy/Bill
March 22-24 workshop/Board meeting Wendy/Bill
Elected Officials Briefings Doug/Greg
Future Meetings with Control Board Gene/Doug
June/July public meetings PIAG chairs
Agency Briefings
Conference presentations
Transition Items – to Commission, Control Board, etc
5. Decision Items
Budget Items
  Year 4 Cdn budget status and adjustments
  Year 5 US budget status
  Year 5 Cdn budget status
  Budget/work plan approvals for PFEG
Final report outline Doug/Tony
6. Other Business
7. Adjourn
4:30 to NLT 5:00 pm

Evening Free

Attachment 2 - U.S. Year 5 Funding (PDF Document)

Attachment 3 - Canadian Year 5 Funding (PDF Document)

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